Marks and logos

At-a-glance, a symbol or pattern that defines the essence of your business or venture. Used in a more traditional way, or less traditionally like some of the patterns that Goods Lift have created for clients, the imagery becomes a strong and important link.

Clinical Fix


A business that focusses on re-upholstery of medical, dental and all healthcare related chairs and tables. The brief was a clinical, approachable and memorable identity. The logo is designed to be used over photographic material, or stand alone, on a dark background.

Equine History

equitana waler legacy logoThe Waler horse is a breed that has gone from war hero in the first world war, to largely underappreciated and roaming free in Central Australia. EQUITANA Australia approached Goods Lift to design a logo for the program they have developed, training these work horses in a range of disciplines. Representing the history of the horse, and echoing the era in which they were at their peak popularity, this logo stands strong and is often used over photographic materials.

Expert Guidance

Solution Psychology logoA company that works with schools and workplaces on the many interpersonal issues that arise. During the design briefing, it was clear that the interaction between between people and the institution or workplace were always at the base of their work. The logo was designed to reflect these connections as a part of a whole.

All Adds Up

gibson craig logoAccounting firm Gibson Craig has offices in the Collins Street Melbourne with views of stunning Victorian architecture. The logo was to reflect the strength of the business, and their progressive work along with the historical beauty of their setting.

A New Leaf

mark karenNatural healthcare website

A traditional logo may not have the right feel in some situations. For natural medicine practitioner Karen Gay, an illustration of leaves and a signature colour was developed to give her a strong identity without a corporate feel. The leaf illustration appears on all of Karen's material, ever flexible and fresh.

Strength in Numbers

mark gpsitmaterial gpsit

In addition to a GPS IT logo, director Anthony Russo had always visualised a graphic of a void of numbers and symbols as a part of his business identity. Goods Lift saw how these could work as a strong branding mechanism and developed the two elements to work flexibly both in conjunction and separately.

Pattern Perfect

mark knead

A bold artisanal pattern was used as a branding mechanism to accompany a simple logo already in use at Knead Bakers. These bread wraps get a great deal of attention at the markets where they are sold, telling the story of the handcrafted breads that are made with age old techniques.

New for Old

material redstar mark redstarWhen a product has had a 100 year life, it embodies more than the old-school environmentally sensitive cleaning product within.

The logo was designed to respect the long standing traditions of the brand and bring it into the new century.


Line Up

mark oaklandA specialist compliance accounting firm, the Oakland Group were after a logo with a classic feel to represent strength and stability.

Going Underground

MrDarcy LogoLocated in Paris, this English language underground restaurant and book club is edgy and contentious.

The logo is a mix of hand drawn, etching style elements, and a contemporary take on an old font.

Natural Territory

mark nourishWholefood chef Stephanie Willaton was looking to upgrade her profile and commence some new projects with a consistent styling.

A logo was developed to reflect Stephanie's wholesome, delicate, modern and vibrant cooking.

Quick Draw

mark markupA web 2.0 project management system for Architects and Engineers. This logo was one of a range presented to the client, who was keen to have a bold red and green colour scheme to work in to their stable of products. The symbolism of the triangle drawing tool is quickly recognisable and owned by the market MarkUp works with.

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